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The task forces are essential in inventorising the problems and challenges of our Members, in including our Members in the priority-setting and in carrying out the activities of the Association. They provide our Members with opportunities to learn from each other, to influence key bodies, to participate in European funding programmes, to promote our strengths globally and to advance debate on key issues.


08/10/2017Task Force Benchmarking (TFB)

The TFB unites scientists, executives and strategy administrators, deals with the collection and presentation of data on leading universities science & technology and monitors and summarises the performance of our Members in the years to come.

08/10/2017Task Force EU Funding Instruments (TFEUFI)

The TFEUFI unites experts for European funding instruments such as the EU Framework Programme for Research and Innovation (currently Horizon 2020), the EU Programme for Education, Training, Youth and Sport (currently Erasmus+) and the EU Structural and Investment Funds (ESIF).

08/10/2017Task Force Human Resources (TFHR)

The TFHR unites executives and HR experts and covers all Human Resources (HR) aspects from searching for new talent to hiring, retaining personnel, development of talent, leadership, gender & diversity issues and voluntary or forced mobility.

08/10/2017Task Force Innovation (TFI)

The TFI unites executives, scientists and innovation administrators and focuses its activity on 1) policy-making and funding instruments, 2) role of the university in its open innovation ecosystem and 3) shaping of people’s mind-sets towards entrepreneurial thinking and innovative processes towards innovation.

08/10/2017Task Force International Cooperation (TFIC)

The TFIC unites executives, researchers and international affairs experts and covers international cooperation within the European Research Area and the European Higher Education Area on the one side and between the ERA and the EHEA and third countries on the other.

08/10/2017Task Force Open Science (TFOS)

The TFOS unites scientists, executives and research and library administrators and contributes to the multi-actor approach to reach two important pan-European goals by 2020, i.e. full open access for all scientific publications and a fundamentally new approach towards optimal reuse of research data.

08/10/2017Task Force Research Infrastructures (TFRI)

The TFRI unites scientists, governors and managers of and support staff specialised in research infrastructures and covers topics the European Strategy Forum on Research Infrastructures (ESFRI), the European Cloud Initiative (EDI) and the on Long Term Sustainability (LTS) of Research Infrastructures (RI).

08/10/2017Task Force Responsible Research and Innovation (TFRRI)

The TFRRI unites executives, scientists and research administrators and works ton policies to raise the awareness about the social and ethical responsibilities of engineers and applied scientist in the 21st century and enhance their skills and abilities to design and communicate on the basis of societal values and ethics.

08/10/2017Task Force Scientific Engineering Education (TFSEE)

The TFSEE unites executives, scientists and higher education administrators and deals with the European Higher Education Area (EHEA) and related reforms, the renewed EU agenda for higher education and science & technology education for the 21st century.

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